Ramus 2.3.1 link types

To provide interactivity, Ramus hijacks most links for its own use. To link between fragments, simply use a hash sign and its ID.

There are several kinds of links, set apart by custom values of the rel attribute:

Append links are the default, and simply append the destination fragment to the transcript:

<a href="#history">old-style Ramus</a>

Continue links work the same way, except they first disable all the remaining links in the transcript, forcing a decision from the reader/player:

<a rel="continue" href="#chapter2">Chapter 2</a>

Clear links delete the entire transcript so far instead, starting over visually as well:

<a rel="clear" href="#chapter2">Chapter 2</a>

Replace links (added in version 2.3.1) are different from most others: instead of advancing the story, they get replaced by the content of the targeted fragment. This fragment is scored and marked as visited, and the scripts in it run, but the move counter doesn't change. Beware of producing invalid markup!

<a rel="replace" href="#details">Look closely</a>

Reset links also clear the score, move counter and visit history:

<a rel="reset" href="#chapter2">Start over</a>

(As of version 2.2, reset links don't clear variables set by the scripting language.)

Last but not least, external links point to other pages, so Ramus leaves them alone; adding target="_blank" is up to the author:

<a rel="external" href="http://author.com/">Homepage</a>

Unlike the others, external links are actually part of the standard HTML link types.